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"B" race #1 booked

The 15% discount cut-off deadline is fast approaching... so I've gone ahead and tentatively booked my second race of the season. It's an Olympic triathlon on Saturday, June 17. Ottawa Riverkeeper.

This will give me 3 weeks to prepare after the half-marathon. I'm not sure that's enough. We'll have to see. Hence, the B-race designation.

Why I want to do this race:
a) It's early in the season (I've been in triathlon withdrawal for a long time)
b) The water will be nice and cold (perfect wetsuit water)
c) The bike is straight and flat (my style)
d) I think it was draft legal last year (cool)
e) I haven't done this race yet.
d) It got a good review last year.

Here's the easy-out: I can change my mind up to June 5 and select an alternate race - Smiths Falls Sprint on June 25, National Capital on August 5, 1000 Islands on Aug 20.