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Happy New Year!

2005 is officially in the books. I planned to write a couple of retrospective posts... "The year that was" type of thing... but I know I'll never have the time to do it. So here it is in a nutshell:

Swim x 100 for a total of 182,045 meters (113 miles)
Bike x 174 for a total of 4,732 KM (2,940 miles)
Run x 125 for a total of 912 KM (566 miles)

I achieved all my goals. Completed 3 Sanctioned triathlons (2 Olympic, 1 Sprint); Completed 18 Non-sanctioned Sprint duathlons. I endured a brutal bike crash, an overtraining burn-out, ...oh, and I started a blog.

Moving Forward

I still do not have a plan! I do know that I need to learn more about nutrition, and more about heart rate training. I've ordered a few books from the library on this topic. I will commit to crafting a plan by the end of January!

In the mean time, I tried something new last night, with my new toy. Tonight I start boxing again, and I knew it is going to be a real Anaerobic workout, so I wanted to do a "Zone 2" workout last night. Inspired by this post, I hit the treadmill and I set up my heartrate monitor to beep if I exceed zone 2 (131 bpm for me).

What an eye-opener! It's very hard to run slowly. I'm used to plugging away at 7 MPH, no problem. I was forced to keep it under 5 MPH, and even had to walk a bit at 4 MPH to get my heart rate back in the right zone. I ended up with a mere 4.6 Miles in one hour. I suppose the good news is, there appears to be a LOT of room for improvement in this zone... which should mean improvement in the other zones too!