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Boxing Heart Rate Graph

I geeked out. I wore my Heart Rate monitor to boxing (last week's workout overview) last night. I couldn't bare to actually wear the receiver on my wrist - so I tucked it into my pocket. I had tested this approach on the treadmill the night before - it seemed to work.

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Notes from graph
1) 2.5 minutes of skipping/warm up. Notice that it exceeds 200 bpm. I'm sure this isn't the case. I have noticed this anomoly almost every workout - the Garmin seems to over-react to the first couple of minutes of intense workout. Probably more accurately, I was at 160.

2) 2.5 minutes of practice punches

3) 3-4 minutes of stretches

4) Review workout: 12 stations x 2.5 mins + .5 mins recovery. For me, it went Skip, Skip, Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Skip, Skip, Heavy Bag, Heavy Bag, Shadow Box, Shadow Box.

And this is where it gets freaky.
5) Start of workout... station 1, skip: 10 seconds cross-overs, 10 seconds double, 10 seconds kick outs... repeat until 30 seconds, then sprint high knees. Well, the cross overs went ok, but 9 seconds into the double skip, Garmin goes flying out of pocket, smashes into wall, and goes skidding across the concrete floor.

So, I resign to keeping it beside me during the skipping. However, it's now out of range to keep continuous heart rate.

6) The rest of the circuit, sometimes I had to keep the monitor on the floor nearby, sometimes (Speed bag), I was able to keep it in my pocket. At one point (probably about 42:00 on the graph) I had it tucked into my underpants for a heavy bag workout... but that wasn't so comfortable.

7) Break in the routine, regroup to review the "punch-out" session for the night.

8) Punch out-- Starts at 52:00 ends at 1:01:00ish, left monitor on the floor, so I only got spot rates before and after (the graph assumes a linear interpolation).

9) Cool down punches.

10) Sitting in the locker room (1:08:00)- end.