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To kick or not to kick, that is the question

I managed to sneak out for Master's swim practice last night. I felt a bit guilty abandoning my wife. But my mother-in-law has been helping out, and Guylaine insisted I go.

I got there with a bit of time to spare, so I started a little earlier than usual. When I finished the main set, and was ready for "cool-down". The coach insisted I do 600 yds cool down to give me 4,400 Yds total - this would be equivalent to 4,000 meters. So I did it.

People always ask me "How many laps is that". Well, obviously it depends on the size of the pool. The pool I go to is 25 yds, so 4400 yards would equal 176 laps.

I can't remember the whole workout. I noticed that over the past year, my Butterfly has improved dramatically (like I would ever use it in a race... but it trains other muscles), my bilateral breathing has improved, my flip turns are pretty good too.

One thing that was obvious to me last night- my kick sucks. I'm practically dragging my legs through the water. This probably isn't a bad thing in a triathlon. Especially if I had my wetsuit (as the bouyancy would elevate them). From what I've learned, it's best not to expend too much leg energy on the swim anyways - save it for the bike. But I can't help think that it's slowing me down big time not kicking at all. There must be a magic formula out there somewhere!

ACL Update

Today is recovery day 4 of my wife's operation. She's handled it like a real trooper so far. Barely a complaint, always her bright chipper self. I know I'd be milking it for all it's worth. But, not her. The days are pretty easy for her, it's just at night where she can't get comfortable, and the pain level seems to increase. She starts physio today.

One unusual set back though - she's experiencing a lot of calf cramping, which apparently isn't good. We're going in to see the doctor later today, to make sure everything is ok.


Lots of snow today. Check out this view of parliament. About a 2 minute stroll from my office.