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Bonus Swim = Buttefly Blues

I managed to get a bonus Masters swim session in last night. Orignally, I had thought that the pool would be closed - if it wasn't closed, I assumed I'd be too busy with Christmas arrangements. Turns out the pool was in fact open, and Guylaine encouraged me to go (perhaps to cheer me up, after the $1000 repair bill to the van).

I think everyone else thought the pool was closed too, because, I was practically the only one there. There was one other girl who had started before me, and finished about 20 minutes after I started, and then a lifeguard, came in for about 30 minutes. But other than that, I was in the pool by myself for the overlapping 30-40 minutes.

Here was the set:

400 Warm up
2 x {150 Pull, 150 Swim, 150 (Fr/Bk/Br by 50's), 150 Kick }
100 Easy
6 x 100 (Fr/Bk by 50's) on 2:00
6 x 100 (Bk/Br by 50's) on 2:00 *
4 x 200 IM **
50 Easy ***
8 x 25 Sprints on 0:30 ****
175 Warm down *****
4,025 Yds total (3,680m)

* For sets 1-4, I was finishing in 1:50, with about 10 seconds rest, sets 5 & 6, I had to push it to 2:15, as I was finishing on 2:00 with a heaving chest.

** IM = Butterfly, Back, Breast, Free. 200 IM = 50 yards of each... 50 Yds of Butterfly at one shot, is a lot for me. 4 repeats would be very difficult.... but I did it!

*** I introduced this 50yds to try and get my heart rate down into at least triple digits.

**** 8 x 25 sprints, is hard to do when you are by yourself. The first 4 were sub :15, the piano hit me about the 5th, and on the 7th, I popped a serious calf cramp. I limped through the 8th at about 0:25.

***** I had fully intedended on 200 yards of cool down, but at 125, my calf was exploding with pain, and I almost didn't get to the wall at 175. I cut it short there, and walked back. (After hovering in serious pain at the wall for a while).

It was nice to have gotten in a bonus swim. But this set with its heavy Butterfly followed up with sprints has always manged to screw up my calf muscle. It was sooo painful last night in bed. Even now, I can feel it. I know it will get better, so I'm not worried.

Truth be told, a little pain after an honest workout is sometimes comforting.