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Last night's swim

I still have the scruff, and thus the Sprite effect was in full force again last night at the Masters swim.

Lately, there's been a good turnout to the swims, so I can draw some motivation from the other swimmers. I still had my own lane though - so it was the best of both worlds.

What I noticed last night: My freestyle flip turn needs work. I'm flipping and pushing off while twisting, and this is putting (dangerous) torsion on my spine. The correct way, is to 1) Flip 2) Push off 3) After pushing off, twist. I'm definately pushing off and twisting at the same time.

I will say this though, I enjoy the flip from Front crawl to Backstroke. And Backstroke to Backstroke. I totally have that one nailed, and quite enjoy gliding underwater on my back -- now that I can keep my nostrils closed.

The Workout:
400 Warm Up
200 Pull Free
150 Kick Free
50 Drill Free
200 Pull Back
150 Kick Back
50 Drill Back
200 Pull Breast
150 Kick Breast
50 Pull Breast
50 Scull
200 IM
6 x 100 (Alternate: Fr/Bk/Bk/Fr and Fr/Br/Br/Fr)
100 Kick
400 Wind up (Easy --> Medium --> Hard)
200 IM
100 Easy
4 x 100 (1 & 3 Hard, 2 & 4 Easy)
4 x 25 Sprints
400 Cool Down
4,200 Yds (3,840 meters)

I must have forgotten a 50 in there somewhere.. can't think where. But total yardage was 4200.