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Drop Zone

Nothing too new to report on training.

I did my first, "Drop-and-run" yesterday. I dropped the car off at the dealership for some work, and then ran home. (7.x km) This was the first time I had started at point X and run to point Y (usually, I do loops that start and end at home).

It was an interesting type of run. Not better - just different. It was also the first time, I ran with music. We bought an MP3 player with "Club-Z" points a few weeks ago. Guylaine prefers to run with it - I thought I'd give it a try - again, nothing special - just different.

Running without knowing the mileage always drives me nuts. Guylaine's birthday is on Friday. Last week, I tested the waters...

"Would you be interested, in a device, that attaches to your wrist, and tells your speed, your pace, your location, how far you've gone etc. etc."

She knew right away... "Do you mean, would I be interested.. or would you be interested."

My quest for the Garmin Forerunner 301 had been exposed.

"No, no, no for you..." I reply, "wouldn't it be cool to know all of that stuff, and download it to the computer afterwards?"

"Sure... how much..."

Doh! It was less of a question, and more of a reality-slap.

"Cost aside... wouldn't it be neat?" I attempted feebly...

"Sure, if it cost $20 or less."

OH!!! Why can't she be a real nerd like me!?!?!?