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You know you're a tri-geek when...

Last night, my nose was a faucet. From arriving home, my allergies were Baaaad. Finally at 8:30 - I couldn't take it anymore.

I had already had my swim (at lunch time) and had biked (to/from work) - but I had not run... There's a pharmacy not that far from the house... Hey why not do a little run there and back.

Sure enough, I change into my gear. I wanted to try something new as well, and the short distance was a perfect experiment -- running barefoot.

..well, not really barefoot - still with shoes - but without socks.

Don't you dare NOT stretch

I had to remind myself.

Ok, ready... GO!

The splits: (and this is where it starts to get geeky)
Run there - 5:32, Find the Stuff and get to the cash - 1:37, Checkout and pay - 0:59, Run home - 5:07 (yay! negative split). Total Time - 13:16.

Oh, and of course, I Gmapped-it: 1.1 km each way. I used a new tool, a local GMap hack: (which has a built-in pace calculator: 5:00 on the way out, 4:37 on the way home).

Running barefoot was ok - no blisters from the shoes... I did get a cut in my left ankle from my reflective ankle strips though.

Claratin is NOT instant relief... Claratin does NOT last for 24 hours... but I did manage to get the faucet turned off.

Do I log the 2Km in my training log????

Hell YES!