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The wipers on the bus go Swish, swish, swish

The kids took their first real steps towards Kona on the weekend, each completing lesson one of "AquaQuest Level 1" swimming lessons. These were "real" swim lessons, not the "Daddy-and-Me" stuff we'd done previously.

I was sitting on the deck watching. ..and laughing.. at the "Daddy-and-Me" group that was in the pool at the same time. Yup, been there, done that... and now I've graduated to a pool-deck observer. Note to the parents in the pool: "YES! YOU DO LOOK AS SILLY AS YOU FEEL SINGING THE WHEELS ON THE BUS TO YOUR KIDS" Oh boy, I'm glad those days are over!

The wipers were going Swish, Swish, Swish on Sunday, when I headed out for my run. It was a pleasant warm, heavy drizzle.

I went out for a 10K run - the first (outside) 10K in a long time, up and down my route on the Rockcliffe Parkway. My objective was to try and maintain an unlaboured 5:00 pace as long as possible. I assumed, I'd start to melt around 5K, and be down to 5:15, 5:20, 5:30.... Imagine my suprise when I finished in 48:46. ...unlaboured...

A year ago, I could not have run that fast... training is a funny thing.