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My New Asics Gel GT-2100s ... :-(

Last Monday, I bought a sweet new pair of running shoes. I was really happy with my current pair, Asics Gel 1090, but apparently, they're not made anymore, but the GT-2100 is an upgraded model. I tried them on (and a few other brands too), and they felt awesome. They weren't cheap, but I realize that paying $50 extra for a pair of superior shoes is a worthwhile investment - as opposed to ruining your knees later down the road.

Long story short - I couldn't wait to try them out. The place where I bought them The Running Room has an excellent return policy, whereby if you don't like the shoes, you can return them, so long as you have only run on a treadmill with them. So, that Monday night, I tried them out on the treadmill - I was going to run an easy 10K (@ 6MPH or so). The pain in my knees forced me to stop early at 4K. I convinced myself - it's just because they're new - or I'm having a bad day... whatever.

Thursday rolls around, and it was all I could do to NOT wear my sweet new Asics. I told myself, "No, wait until you're 100% sure" - so I ran in my old shoes.

Sunday rolls around, and again, it was all I could do to NOT wear my sweet new Asics for my long run. "No, wait until you're 100% sure" - so I ran in my old shoes.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a craving to get going in my new shoes - so I told myself, I'd do an easy 5K on the treadmill in the evening - prove that the shoes are fine, and then I'll use them on Thursday for the duathlon.

I set off for an easy 5K on the treadmill - the pain was unbearable by 2K. I told myself, that I was probably sore from yesterday's long run. But to convince myself, I put on my old shoes and finished the 5K - the difference was night and day.

So - tonight, I will have to say farewell to my sweet new shoes - and pick out another pair.

I honestly can't believe I had the sense to properly evaluate them on the treadmill - I'm so proud of myself.

PS: Don't get me wrong, this isn't a negative review of the shoe - they simply aren't right for my running style and/or foot shape.