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Weekly Duathlon Results

2012 Season (Cornwall Multisport Club, St. Andrews)

Date Run 1 (2K) T1 Bike (15K) T2 Run 2 (4K) Total Comment
2012-05-280:08:130:00:260:26:090:00:330:16:500:52:14Amazing night. 2nd run was unbelievable. 2nd fastest Du to date. (Didn't run much last week - maybe that's the key!) - oh, but I did raise my seat 2cm.
2012-05-210:08:430:00:270:27:080:00:340:10:400:47:34Only did 2-15-2. DEAD TIRED after Victoria Day Chase. Had Tri-bike with new Vittoria Corsa EVO CX Tires. I think they made a big difference.
2012-05-140:08:190:00:290:26:180:00:250:17:160:52:50R3 with clip-ons. Fast wind on the way back from bike. Nearly PB - best in the past 3 years. Solid 2nd run (CupaJoe was pacing me).
2012-05-070:05:500:00:250:26:570:00:380:12:130:46:061-10-2 with Laura. She totally rocked the bike. Awesome effort.
2012-05-050:07:550:00:360:28:300:00:150:17:000:54:18CMC Du in Long Sault. Felt good. Bike seemed faster, but perhaps I still haven't found my legs (also low tire pressure). Nice 2nd run.
2012-04-120:08:320:00:370:28:380:00:340:17:380:56:00Cool night. Windy on the way back from the bike. Biked with jacket on (aka parachute). Felt great on 2nd run.

2011 Season (Cornwall Multisport Club, St. Andrews)

Date Run 1 (2K) T1 Bike (15K) T2 Run 2 (4K) Total Comment
24-Sep-110:07:460:00:270:26:370:00:250:18:370:53:54CMC Du in Long Sault. Blistering 1st run. 1K @ 3:46. Hammered on the bike. Ideal pavement / weather. Ran out of gas on the 2nd run. But awesome time (Considering lack of physical activity in the preceding 12 days!)
12-Sep-110:08:070:00:300:27:000:00:320:18:270:54:38Bike conditions seemed tough, but felt like I was giving it 100% the whole time. Cool and overcast. First run was fast but seemed easy.
29-Aug-110:08:170:00:260:27:200:00:340:18:010:54:40Raised bike seat again! Felt fine. A bit of wind on the way out on the bike. First run didn't feel as fast as it way. 2nd run felt okay. Not bad considering bummed heel.
01-Aug-110:09:070:00:340:27:090:00:280:19:390:57:00Tried to take it slow on first run intentionally. But still didn't feel energized on the bike or second run. Pretty tired.
25-Jul-110:08:330:00:240:26:300:00:300:17:590:53:59Cool weather. Good bike (Adjusted position, plus 70k+ biking earlier in the day); held back a little on Run 1. Felt pretty good. SB!
18-Jul-110:08:290:00:290:27:430:00:240:20:530:57:59Hot and muggy. Honestly felt good on second run, but apparently was running very slow!

0:44:291-10-2 with Andrew. Pretty hot, but not unbearable. 4 min PB for Andrew.

0:56:19Warm. Sucked on the bike, felt like I had no power. 2nd run was tough. Slowed down big time after the turnaround; surged on last k, but felt terrible.

0:54:38Cool and overcast. Better bike. Raised seat a bit. But, perhaps a fast night for biking anyways? Not bad considering terrible state of fitness.

0:55:35Hot! First warm night of the year.Bike felt tough, but looks like it was an SB -- still early. Need to get faster on bike!!!
0:54:10Tired after Victoria Day Chase. Ran 1st K on 2nd run, and then circled back with ChantalMP. Probably ran 2.75k for 2nd run. (Guessing on Run1 and T1, I forgot to Split my watch)
09-May-110:08:170:00:340:28:390:00:250:17:220:55:19Died on the bike. Good 2nd Run.

2010 Season (Cornwall Multisport Club, St. Andrews)

Date Run 1 (2K) T1 Bike (15K) T2 Run 2 (4K) Total Comment
30-Aug-100:08:160:00:230:26:260:00:300:20:470:56:23Hot and Humid. Good Bike. Good first 'k on 2nd run, after that; had to jog it in.
16-Aug-100:08:180:00:270:26:460:00:300:18:250:54:28Good effort, took 1st K slowly. Strong wind in face on the bike-out. Felt good on run 2.
09-Aug-100:08:040:00:310:26:290:00:270:22:500:58:24Brutal humidity. Burnt all of my matches on the bike; wicked calf cramps on run2 - gave up, and walked most of the last 1.5K.
02-Aug-100:08:380:00:300:27:550:00:250:19:160:56:50Stopped to help someone on bike (again), lost time. Died on Run 2 trying to out sprint Steph; walked last 100m.
26-Jul-100:08:130:00:230:27:470:00:250:18:090:54:59Good effort. Stopped to help someone on bike, lost time.
19-Jul-100:08:080:00:260:26:420:00:240:18:030:53:44Warm, nice night. Fast run.
12-Jul-100:08:250:00:220:26:130:00:200:18:430:54:05Hot, but no wind.
05-Jul-100:08:310:00:300:27:410:00:270:20:460:57:56Hot and Humid, not bad considering.
22-Jun-100:08:140:00:410:26:170:00:280:18:190:54:01Good bike. Little Wind. Warm but not humid.
0:12:360:48:081-10-2 with Andrew
07-Jun-100:08:150:00:430:27:540:00:250:19:570:57:16First hard du of the year. Back cramps from bike on 2nd run. Moderate X-wind on bike.


0:39:17On road bike. Did 1-15-2.

0:56:181-10-2 with Andrew

0:52:451-10-1 with Laura

0:59:591-15-1 (run w/ Laura, Bike w/ Andrew)

2009 Season (Cornwall Multisport Club, St. Andrews)

Date Run 1 (2K) T1 Bike (15K) T2 Run 2 (4K) Total Comment
14-Sep-090:08:190:00:380:28:050:00:250:18:310:56:00Rainy. Wore long sleeve. Overheated. Bike = no mojo. Ran topless last run - felt good on 2nd run.
31-Aug-090:05:590:00:380:28:210:00:290:12:410:47:311K-10K-2K with Andrew.
10-Aug-090:08:030:00:260:26:590:00:200:20:030:55:52Blah. Humid and Muggy. Total death march on 2nd run.
03-Aug-090:08:180:00:280:26:140:00:260:18:010:53:27Wind not too bad wind. Good clean bike.
20-Jul-090:08:190:00:200:26:440:00:180:18:450:54:27A little warm on 2nd run. Nice bike. Liam chased me down at the last K.
13-Jul-090:08:000:00:260:27:340:00:250:18:230:54:49Windy bike. Felt like I ran well out of T2.
06-Jul-090:08:300:00:340:26:070:00:170:17:550:53:24Bike, slightly draft assisted =) maybe 20-30 second advantage. Ran toe-to-toe with Mario. Iron war part deux. Sprint to the finish.
22-Jun-090:08:040:00:410:26:400:00:330:19:510:55:49Hot. Weird wind on Bike. Shlepped my way through the last run.
01-Jun-090:08:540:00:370:26:420:00:160:18:060:54:37Light drizzle. Little to no wind. Good Effort.
18-May-090:08:460:00:400:27:300:00:240:18:590:56:20Not bad considering 5K race earlier in the day. Still riding into wind on first bike segment.
11-May-090:08:070:00:480:29:270:00:270:20:090:59:02Way too hard on first run. Bad T1. Slight wind on bike heading out. Lost chain. Stopped to help Guylaine. Ran out of gas with 3K to go on run 2.
04-May-090:09:150:00:430:26:430:00:290:17:310:54:45Nice weather. Caught Mario on second run - Ran toe-to-toe. Really pushed it.
27-Apr-090:08:490:00:450:30:150:00:290:22:211:01:30Windy bike heading out - 30* Good crowd tonight. Serious work ahead of me.

2008 Season (Cornwall Multisport Club, St. Andrews)

Date Run 1 (2K) T1 Bike (15K) T2 Run 2 (4K) Total Comment
22-Sep-080:08:080:00:400:27:480:00:220:19:470:56:49Road bike. Jogged in last 2.5 km.
08-Sep-080:07:570:00:250:25:440:00:240:17:030:51:34PB! Cool. Raised seat on bike 1.5 to 2cm


0:20:110:55:50Warm. Bike includes T1+T2. Lost chain on bike. Got a stomach cramp on second run. Jogged it in.
25-Aug-080:08:000:00:250:26:110:00:250:17:540:52:58Nice night, stomach upset on second run
11-Aug-080:08:180:00:250:26:200:00:240:17:160:52:47Overcast, no wind.
04-Aug-080:08:020:00:260:26:250:00:260:17:030:52:24Sunny, but not too hot.
28-Jul-08 0:08:06 0:00:35 0:26:39 0:00:26 0:17:36 0:53:23 Overcast, little wind, a little drizzle
21-Jul-08 0:08:34 0:00:26 0:26:52 0:00:18 0:18:04 0:54:18 Hot but not muggy
7-Jul-08 0:08:33 0:00:37 0:26:59 0:00:29 0:18:38 0:55:17 Warm, not too muggy

2006 Season (Ottawa)

DateRun 1 (3k)T1Bike (15k)T2Run 2 (3k)TotalNotes
Wed July 1914:2800:4428:28---Hot day, took it easy on run 1, only did partial (left hamstring irritated)
Wed July 1212:3400:4228:4400:3514:1356:49Warm, wind in face on way to T2
Wed June 2813:0600:3928:5000:3913:5757:12Humid, slight wind. Wednesday Group with Orleans Stryders

2005 Season (Ottawa)

DateRun 1 (3k)T1Bike (15k)T2Run 2 (3k)TotalNotes
Sep 22, 200511:5500:3128:1300:2112:1053:10Cool and overcast, Windy (again) on the bike still. No sun on the 2nd run!
Sep 15, 200512:1400:3028:12

13:1054:07Still warm, a bit windy on the bike, warm sun on the 2nd run still.
Sep 8, 200511:5800:3126:4800:1512:4152:15Little-to-no wind, sunny but not too hot.
Sep 1, 200511:5800:4427:3300:1813:0253:37Warm, Medium Wind, Hot sun again on 2nd run.
Aug 18, 200512:1100:3327:2100:2012:3453:00Cool, overcast, slight wind.
Aug 11, 200512:2300:5927:1100:2213:1154:08Warm, but little-to-no wind!
Aug 4, 200512:3500:3229:4200:2114:1857:30Hot, Hazy, Humid and Windy

Jul 28, 2005

PartialTook it very easy. (Racing on Saturday). Just wanted to keep legs warm.

Jul 21, 2005
12:2500:5528:3200:3213:3155:57Warm and Muggy, Strong wind blowing East.

Jul 14, 2005
12:2300:4935:51 (18.5K)00:4013:401:02:24Warm, wind blowing South - 18.5K bike instead of 15K.

Jul 7, 2005
12:0900:5327:5200:4514:0455:44Warm, not muggy - hot sun on the 2nd run.

Jun 30, 2005
12:1000:5827:2000:4214:0755:19Hot and Muggy - Very Hot Sun

Jun 23, 2005

13:3156:14Warm, slight cloud, moderate wind East
Jun 16, 200512:370:4527:550:4413:0555:08Cool, slight wind East
Jun 9, 200512:201:1130:33

15:2859:34Crashed on bike
Jun 2, 200512:46


May 13, 2005

N/ACold, overcast, low turnout - 9K Group Run instead
May 6, 200512:581:0527:161:0214:4756:09Finished First! (out of six)

2004 Season (Ottawa)

DateRun 1 (3k)T1Bike (15k)T2Run 2 (3k)TotalNotes
Aug 19, 200414:00


14:2359:23Exact same time - 2 weeks in a row!
Aug 12, 2004

59:23Broke 60 minutes!
Aug 5, 2004

1:00:16Almost broke 60 minutes!
Jul 29, 2004

1:03:00Finished Last
Jul 22, 2004

1:05:00Finished 2nd Last
Jul 15, 2004

1:02:00Finished Last